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Create an Ecommerce Website With WordPress and the Astra Theme 2024

This is a text tutorial walking you through how to make an ecommerce website with wordpress and the astra theme for 2024. It is free to follow this tutorial and all you need in order to make this website is hosting (small fee per month), a domain (free with hosting plans), and your laptop and an internet connection. Everything else we’ll walk through step by step so you can make your own ecommerce website with wordpress 🙂

The first thing. you will want to do is get hosting. In order to choose your host provider, you want to consider a few things.

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Server size
  • Support
  • Ease of use with WordPress

WordPress Hosting

The host provider that we recommend is Hostinger. It’s what we’ve used for many of our own websites and what we use in our tutorials the past few years.

Hostinger is a great hosting service and server for wordpress websites because of its ease of use, one click wordpress installation, and it’s cheap relative to all the other host providers for wordpress, and there’s really no problems that we can highlight.

If you would like to use hostinger, you can click on the link to go to the site.

You can choose from any of the plans. To keep it simple, we’ll break it down by how many sites you want to host.

Premium plan – if you just want to make one wordpress website

Business plan – if you want to host more than one WordPress website

You will get a free domain with any of the plans as long as it’s a 12+ month plan and you can cancel anytime for a full money back refund within 30 days, so there’s really no risk to try them out.

Once you choose your plan, you’ll go through the sign up process and the only thing worth sharing here is that we have a coupon code: SUPER10 that you should use to save some additional money!