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Hostinger Website Builder Tutorial Using AI – 2024!

Hostinger has an internal website builder now and I tried it out and thought it was really easy to use. It reminded me a lot of the Squarespace and Shopify’s Dashboards. With AI, you can write prompts and have an entire site pre-built for you and then you can customize it yourself. Pretty cool, fast and easy.

Resources For This Tutorial

  • Hostinger for Hosting/Domain and AI Website builder
  • Unsplash for free high quality images

Normally I would just use WordPress to make a website but if you’re looking for a quicker, less stressful way to get a website up and running, then the Hostinger Website Builder with AI might be for you.

After you create your site using AI and Hostinger, you can always use the site builder to either edit anything on your own (manually) or you can prompt the AI builder to make changes for you, including creating images and content and adding new sections.

So let’s get started in this tutorial on learning how to use the Hostinger Website Builder with AI!

Step #1: Sign up With Hostinger

In order to use the Hostinger webite builder, we need to have a Hostinger account. The link below helps support our site and channel so thank you in advance if you do use it to go to Hostinger!

Hostinger Website for Hosting

What plan is best for you? It really depends. For most, the premium (cheapest) plan is best because it will give you access to everything you need along with hosting up to 100 websites and a free domain if you sign up for 1+ year. And there’s a 30 day money back guarantee so it’s really low risk, even with the 1 year plan.

Step #2: Make Website Using Builder

After signing up with Hostinger, what’s next? We get to start making our website using the AI builder!