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How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers and Malware – Cloudways Hosting 2024

Make sure your website is safe and protected. There are a few things you can do to limit the risk o hackers and malware on your site.

For this post we’ll be focusing on Cloudways hosting and how their services can protect your wordpress website.

For any wordpress website, you should always make sure your website is up to date with the latest versions of wordpress and plugins. Enabling auto update installer is helpful for plugins and if possible for the theme you are using. Try to check this on a normal schedule every week so you don’t have a wordpress website that is vulnerable to attacks.

Secure WordPress Webhosting

One of the better options for wordpress hosting if you are looking for an all in one cloud solution is Cloudways.

Cloudways allows you to choose the host server that best suites your needs from a menu of host providers. There are different options for what you may need and pricing is also personalized for each.

Cloudways allows you to scale automatically and you only pay for what you need and it is easy to set up a wordpress website.

What is important for this post though is the safety and security that cloudways provides. Cloudways offers SafeUpdates.

What is Cloudways SafeUpdates?

  • SafeUpdates automatically detects, tests & deploys WordPress updates, so you spend less time on upkeep and more on business growth.
  • Control what gets updated
  • And an all in one platform so you don’t need to use third party plugins
  • Scheduled on demand updates
  • Email notifications

Benefit of Cloudways SafeUpdates

The cost of Safeupdates with Cloudways to keep your website secure is dependent on the number of applications you have (also what I would consider projects or websites).

Cost / Price

  • For 1-5 applications it will cost $3 to $5 per application each month
  • For 6+ applications it will cost $2 per application each month

Key Features

  • SafeUpdates also works on premium plugins
  • Auto detection and back ups
  • Automated testing
  • Auto deployment

Cloudways says its customers save 42 hours of WordPress maintenance on average with SafeUpdates.

One of the things I like about Cloudways is that it lets you and your team focus on the business side of things more than on the server side of things with autonomous hosting options and Safeupdates.

With automatic roll backs, auto testing and updates, you can have more peace of mind that your site will be maintained and the plugins updated so it is secure and the risks are limited for hacking and malware.

If you want to see how we install Cloudways and turn on the SafeUpdates option, check out the video tutorial linked at the top of this post or you can watch the YouTube video here.

Happy days ahead! Contact us if you have any questions.

For our Cloudways content, we partnered with them to create some sponsored videos showing how to use Cloudways and some of the key features. Our posts and videos on Clouways is meant to be educational and informational and is not meant to be a recommendation. Please do your own research and choose the best services for you and your business.