How to Use the Blocksy Theme and WordPress

The Blocksy theme is a very great free wordpress theme that I have made a few tutorials on and plan to make more.

I think there are a lot of great wordpress themes for free but there are always a few that stand out and I think right now, the Blocksy theme is that theme that stands out as the best wordpress theme for free.

The reasons why I like the Blocksy theme:

  • It’s free (can’t beat that!)
  • It integrates Gutenberg page builder which is really great
  • It uses the stackable plugin to allow for more premium type modules and blocks
  • It has a great set of starter templates for you to get your wordpress website up and running really fast
  • It’s from the WordPress development community and accessible through WordPress

I just uploaded a new video showcasing the Blocksy theme and how to use the blocksy theme. It’s a short video. You can see it here.

I plan to make a full tutorial on how to make a wordpress website and show all the detailed steps of using the blocksy theme to make a wordpress website next so if you need more details in a wordpress tutorial, be sure to look out for it 🙂

And if you clicked on this text tutorial link because you are looking to start using the Blocksy theme but do not know where to start then I’ll write out some beginner steps here to help you get your website up and running so you can install wordpress.

To Get Hosting and a Domain To Install WordPress

Go to Hostinger to get your hosting. We use them and we like them a lot.

The link to Hostinger is an affiliate link so there’s no charge to you for clicking on the link but it does help support NYC Tech Club so thank you in advance!

  • Choose the plan that is best for you. The premium plan is usually more than enough.
  • Choose your terms. I recommend at least 12 months normally so you can have time to build out your website and build an audience and generate traffic.
  • Complete the sign up and don’t forget to use the coupon code SUPER10.
  • Once you sign up for Hostinger, you can now set up your wordpress website by registering a domain and then installing wordpress.
  • Now we can click to create a new website
  • You can either choose to select what type of website you are making or you can skip the personalization, which is what I typically do
  • You will want to search for a new domain that you can claim for your wordpress website
  • Once you find your domain, put in your website details to create an admin name and password
  • Now you will want to select wordpress since we are going to make a wordpress website
  • You can select to install the blocksy theme here if you would like
  • Then just let it install and once it does, we can go to the control panel for the website
  • And from here we can click to go to the admin panel to the wordpress dashboard
  • Now you have wordpress and the blocksy theme installed and you are on your way to making a wordpress website!

It’s that simple.

And now we can get back to learning how to use the blocksy theme….to be continued. It’s time for some sleep!


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